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Stif Demo Range

Demo Bikes available -


Our demo range covers Santa Cruz, Juliana, Orange, BOS Suspension, the Zerode Taniwha, our own Morf hardtail and Focus e-bikes.

The idea behind the demo range is to allow you to try out a specific bike or fork before you purchase from us and we have various sizes and builds available to try.

To book a demo, please call our store on 01423 780738 and one of the team will be happy to book an available day for you.

How it works:

To get the most out of your booked demo day, it’s advisable to arrive at our store early so we can get you setup on the bike and/or fork. Fork pressure/sag and shock pressure/sag will be set up with you prior to demoing a bike and we’ll briefly talk you through the components if you are unfamiliar with any of them. If you have your own pedals please bring them with you and we will fit them to the bike or alternatively, we can supply you with some of our demo pedals.

If you are going to be trying out a pair of our BOS demo forks on your own bike, please make sure your bike is clean for our mechanics to make the swap. For more information on our BOS demo forks, please call 01423 780738.

You will need to bring a form of ID with you (Passport, Driving licences etc.) and a debit or credit card that matches your ID. We will take a copy of your ID and keep your debit or credit card secure whilst you are out riding.

We do take a small fee of £50 for the demo but if you decide to buy a Frame or Bike from us, that fee will be taken off the amount spent.

There are several places local to us that are very good for testing out a potential new bike one of which is Stainburn Trail centre. Our staff will recommend and direct you to any local riding depending on what type of bike you’re trying and what kind of ride you want to do.

We do have a bike wash facility around the back of our shop for those generous customers who save our team the job of washing their demo bike and we always have the kettle on ready for your return.

To book a demo ride, please call 01423 780738

No demo bikes currently available

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