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Dakine Hotlaps and Low Rider hip packs

Dakine Low Rider mountain bike hip pack

Given the fact that most modern bikes are much more trouble free, carrying loads of spares and tubes isn’t as necessary as it once was. Many new bikes are also designed to be able to run bottle cages on the downtube (New Santa Cruz Nomad features enough space to run a full size bottle cage). This means that most riders are now looking to drop as much weight as possible off their back, and add a little to the bike if necessary. This is where we have found the superb smaller pack offerings from Dakine to be useful.

Dakine Hot Laps 1.5ltr riding pack

When you are heading out for a shorter playful ride, sessioning sections and just generally messing around or going out for a trail ride for an hour or two after work, most of us don’t want to carry a standard backpack with unnecessary weight and bulk, which undeniably affects the way you ride.

We have been riding with the Dakine Hot Laps and the Low Rider packs on for a number of months now and have found they offer a compact design, still with enough storage room for your essentials (i.e c02 Cannister, Tyre Lever, Phone etc) whilst also mounting low down in the Lumbar area keeping weight low and controllable to keep riding obstruction to a minimum.

A look inside our packs…

Here’s a quick outline of what we would carry in either of the packs for a regular trail ride:

Hot Laps 1.5L Bag

  • Bottle can be held in the bag but is better in a cage on the bike
  • Tube
  • c02 inflator + cartridge x2
  • Instant Puncture repair
  • Tyre levers
  • Multi-tool
  • Chain Quick link
  • Spare valve/valve + Removal Tool
  • Keys
  • Phone
  • Card
  • £5 Note
Dakien Hot Laps 1.5 hip bag

Low Rider 5L

  • Everything from the Hot Laps 1.5L plus...
  • Clif bar
  • Sweet Air jacket
Low Rider 5L hip bag

Dakine Hot Laps 1.5L (No Reservoir)

Hot laps 1.5ltr

The Dakine Hot Laps is the perfect hip pack for someone looking to carry their essentials, without a hydration bladder. There is a pop out bottle holder on the side of the bag if you prefer it there to on your frame, as well as 1.5L of storage space for tools and essentials. The Hot Laps offers freedom like no other pack with its compact size fitting low on the body keeping your centre of gravity lower and more stable meaning you can ride like you aren’t wearing a pack, shredding through turns quickly and confidently.

Dakine Low Rider 5L

Low Rider 5 Ltr pack from Dakine

The Low Rider pack offers a similar fit, yet with a little more storage space and the ability to fit a hydration bladder. Still for the minimalist rider, there is ample room for the essentials and a 2L bladder to keep you hydrated throughout your ride. However unlike a normal pack the Low Rider provides a low centre of gravity and freedom of movement like no normal bag can offer. There are external attachment straps for things like waterproof jackets/pants as well as fleece lined compartments inside for phone storage.

Both hip packs offer the option of carrying tools and essentials to those people who feel the need for a pack that restricts their riding less than a normal over the shoulder Hydration Pack. Offering great value for money they can both act as a great main pack to riders who wouldn’t normally wear one, or for people who normally wear a large over the shoulder pack it this could prove to be second lightweight option for short trips out.

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