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Focus JamĀ² wins MBUK e-bike test

Focus Jam2 MBUK Winner

MBUK released their latest issue this week (MBUK 343/June 2017) and ran an e-bike "wrecked & rated" bike test which the Focus Jam² factory won!

MBUK winner Focus Jam2

Tested against some other big brands and other e-bike specific brands, the Focus made it to the top with its brilliant suspension platform and the fact it felt more like a non powered Mountain bike to ride.

e-bike line up in MBUK bike test

Lineup consisted of some big brands like Specialized and also some e-bike specific brands like Haibike.

MBUK Magazine E-Bike test Focus Jam2

"Superbly-suspended and well-shaped e-ripper"

Focus Jam2 tested in MBUK

"The overall ride experience of the Jam² is excellent... It rides like a normal bike would if you had amazing legs"

MBUK Verdict on Focus jam2 Factory

"The Jam²'s suspension, motor, geomtery and low weight make it a fantastic fun mulitplier."

If you're thinking about purchasing a Focus Jam², we have demo bikes available to try. Please call our shop on 01423 780 738 to book a ride. Follow this link to view the full range of e-bikes we stock on our site.

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