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Nomad 4, Strega and Carbon wheels!

It’s not been so much of a launch but a shower of new stuff from Santa Cruz & Juliana Bicycles this week. Santa Cruz have released the latest generation Nomad (Nomad 4) and Juliana have released their brand new model the Strega! Santa Cruz have also introduced their brand-new Carbon hoops, the Reserve's, which carry the Industry leading Santa Cruz Lifetime warranty!

New stuff from santa Cruz and Juliana

Nomad 4

Santa Cruz Nomad 4

The Nomad 4 is a very new beast and has been designed NOT be an “Enduro” race bike but more of a big travel, bit hitting, fun machine that you can ride down anything and still pedal back to the top of the hill or across the peaks to get to the next descent.

Josh Bryceland Nomad 4

Back in the day this would have been called “freeride” but back in the day a freeride bike would have still been pushed back up the hill because pedal efficiency was just as bad as a full DH bike. The Nomad 4 is a pedalable 170mm, VPP, downhill bike.

Santa Cruz Nomad 4 Features

Still constructed around their VPP (Virtual pivot point) linkage, the Strega and Nomad are 170mm, full carbon fibre, long-travel machines designed for serious fun on the descents. Leverage Ratios have been cleverly thought through on both machines to feel as much like a V10 as possible but ride like a trail bike when pedalling. For the Gravity orientated rider looking for the best possible machine for the descents, this is the next level.

More info can be found on our bike builder pages for the Nomad 4...


Juliana Straga Mountain Bike

Un-rivalled by any other women’s specific mountain bike and painted in such an amazing colour that most of the guys here at Stif are debating this over a Nomad 4, the Strega shares all the same characteristics and geometry as the Nomad 4.

Juliana Strega

In true Santa Cruz launch fashion, Juliana have produced a launch video that explains the name Strega. Anka Martin plays a Witch(Strega in Italian) being chased down by an angry mob.  Check out the video below…

For build prices and specs, more info can be found on our bike builder pages here...

Reserve carbon hoops

Reserve Carbon wheels

Even more exciting (if that’s possible) is the launch of the Reserve carbon wheels. Santa Cruz have been developing and testing these carbon rims with their Enduro riders and have perfected their carbon hoop.

Santa Cruz carbon wheels

They are that confident with the manufacturing process, strength and reliability of the rims that they will be backed up with Santa Cruz’ industry leading lifetime warranty!

They will be first seen as upgrade options on new bikes and later this year they will be available to buy separately. A full feature coming soon on the Reserve wheels.

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