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Smith Squad MTB Goggles

Smith Squad MTB Goggles at Stif

Wearing goggles when riding has really only ever been reserved for downhill or gravity riding where a full face helmet might be necessary.

However with the ever growing “Enduro” scene becoming more and more common all over the UK, manufacturers have significantly increased their development in protective equipment which is light enough and comfortable enough to be worn for more than just gravity orientated mountain biking.

Magazine reviews of Smith Squad Goggles

US optics brand, Smith are one of these companies, working hard to bring a host of protective gear to all types of rider. Their most popular product is for sure the Smith Squad goggle, and is a firm favourite of the staff here at Stif. The main drawing point of the Squad goggle are its breathability over regular DH goggles and because they can be worn with an open face helmet, out on a normal ride on any trail.

Smith Squad goggles and open face trail helmets

The Squad is the first goggle to strip back all the excess material and foam padding that has been taken from Moto design which means you don’t feel as though you have a heavy, chunky goggle on. Stripping excess material and padding also allows Smith to make the Squad much more breathable, and negates steaming up meaning you can wear them all ride long, whether you are climbing descending or on the flat.

For 2017 the new range of Squad goggles now come with a ChromaPop lens, which offers a huge difference in visual clarity, allowing you to pick out colours and terrain much better and, which in turn helps your brain process quicker and lets you rally on through sections without worrying about seeing clearly.

Smith ChromaPop lens technology How ChromaPop by Smith Works Smith Squad Goggles at Stif Cycles

Follow this link to view our full range of Smith Squad Goggles

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