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Sports Cover Bike Shield is a special film with unique properties for all surfaces that need protection against knocks and scratches. Sports Cover Bike Shield keeps the bike looking good and increases resale value. Sports Cover Bike Shield have developed a number of pre-cut products for most of the exposed surfaces of your bike.
Sports Cover Bike Shield is easy to install and protects your bike from paint damage, your bike will still look new after years of use.
Sports Cover Bike Shield is currently used by many athletes, rental companies and even manufacturers of bicycles.

You can protect your new frame with frame protection patches and chain stay protectors.

Frame protection patches come in all sorts of sizes and shapes from the little patches to prevent cable rub to the full on complete bike protection offered from some of the sports cover options.
Chainstay protectors do far more than just protect your chainstay from chips and scratches as the chain slaps against the stays, although they do this very well. Chainstay protectors also make the bike a whole lot quieter as it muffles and deadens the noise the chain makes as it hits the stays.

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