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Sender is a magazine brought to the MTB world quarterly by real world Mountain Bikers. With contributions from the likes of Josh Lewis, Sam Flanagan and many more this is a great mag to really kick back and get into when your not in the saddle.

Maps and mountain bike guide books have to be on the top of your kit list when planning a weekend ride. There is nothing worse than getting to a new area and not having a clue where the best rides are. You can spend all day thrashing round the Dales only to get to a cafe and the owner says you should have gone this way, its loads better. Mountain bike guide books from VG will help you out in all the best mountain biking areas.
Even with a guide book a map should always be carried. You can easily have a nightmare ride with loads of punctures, and when your wet and cold you just want to get back asap. Without a map how do you know which way is best? These Ordnance Survey maps will show you the way.

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