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Five ten used to be better known for producing awesome climbing shoes with some of the best rubber for sticking to rocks. With this in mind it's not hard to imagine how they have manged to produce some of the best mountain bike shoes for flat pedals, if they can get shoes to stick to overhanging rock then they can get them to stick on pedals. That said five ten did not depend on current knowledge for this, they fully researched the requirements of mountain bikers and developed world cup winning shoes.

Mountain bikes shoes come in two main types. Flat shoes and SPD shoes. SPD mountain bike shoes are used with SPD or clipless pedals and are commonly used in trail riding, down hill and cross country. The firm hold that they have on the pedals allows the rider to get more power through the cranks. Different Mountain bike shoes of this type are stiffer than others to offer a more stable pedal platform, others are a little more flexible to make it easier to walk.

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